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Evex Export

Evex is a company that brings a new proposal in the area of ​​stone export to the International market. Also it operates in Brazil, especially in the sale of quartzitos of high quality and different formats.

His manager has 20 years of experience in the export area, and brings to the company the best customer service concepts, being a facilitator of all stages of the sales process, so that the customer receives his product with quality and guarantee.

Check Evex launches on shapes, assemblies and visual patterns on Quartzito line and other novelties on natural rocks for your company

The natural quartzite rock is unbeatable in its differentiated thermal and visual comfort. Check out the use of this material in Evex Export products

Evex also introduces new options in Brazilian and semi-precious decorative stones, unprecedented in the international market. Consult our team on formats and new stones in our portfolio and stay on top of everything we have to offer.

Brazilian quality stones

Evex is a company that brings a new proposal on the stone exportation area to the international market. It also operates in the national market, especially in the sale of high quality and differentiated formats QUARTZITOS.

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For those seeking beauty, practicality and durability, the stone is perfect….

If you are looking for a more natural looking stone to include in your project…(For Decora fácil)


“The São Tomé stone is a gift from God, as it is one of the few materials that provides thermal comfort to the pool area “

Natália Miranda


Evex Brazilian stones differentiate themselves for you, national and international buyers, because they meet European market requirements, which include quality certifications and production processes, which also ensure the strictest quality controls and administrative procedures facilitating the export process for other markets.



Our team has been working for 20 years in this market, within the ethical standards and social and corporate responsibility, seeking the development of the local market within the best management practices.


With extensive experience in foreign trade and all Brazilian and international processes, Evex Export is considered by customers as a facilitating company, and this is one of the main differentials of our work

Best Quality

The search for quality raw material, its extraction from nature in a technical and responsible way, and the adequate transportation guarantee the quality of the product for its use

Check on the map the places where Evex Export operates. If your region does not appear in this list send us an e-mail and we will return with more details about the possibility of starting a work in your area.


We have specified packaging for each region/country/legislation, with fumigation certificate. Talk to our team about the needs of your region and check the possibilities we can offer.

Contact us

Talk to our team by email, WhatsApp or via phone. We are at your disposal to clarify doubts and make quotations according to your needs. Click below and send your message!

Fone: +55 35 3235.1578
Cel: +55 35 99861.4615

Endereço: Estrada da Flora, S/N km 0,500 – Três Corações – CEP 37410-000 – Minas Gerais – Brasil